About Us

Howdy! We are Rod & Jana, a husband-wife team operating a laser engraving business out of our backyard studio in a small Texas town. We have been a husband-wife work team for a while now...
We both work in traffic safety research at the same institution, which is where we met. Many hours spent traveling on the road together for work allowed us to really get to know each other! So we started dating and got married (not something either of us were looking for or expecting) and have continued to work side by side for several years.
We wanted to explore our creative sides, so we ultimately decided on laser engraving. Jana has a background in GIS (geographic information systems) and found that the fundamentals of GIS work actually translated very well to skills needed to create artwork in design software.
So we dove in head-first into a new endeavor and here we are! Still working side by side (albeit in a new environment) and just enjoying the ride!